Plum Studio

Hair Services

Below is a list of services provided at Plum Studio. Please note all prices are starting from and can change depending on extra length and thickness, You can book a free consultation for quotes on individual needs on 0401 826 388.

All prices are inclusive of GST

1/4 Head$105
1/2 Head$135
3/4 Head$165
Full Head$185
Basin Balayage$60
Balayage Tip Outs$50
Extra Colourfrom $10

1/4 Head$105
1/2 Head$135
3/4 Head$165
Full Head$185
Extra Colourfrom $10

Cut & Style
Short Hair Cut/Blowdry/Style$60
Medium Hair Cut/Blowdry/Style$70
Long Hair Cut/Blowdry/Style$75
Extra Long Hair Cut/Blowdry/Style$80
Fringe Trim$15
Short Hair Blowdry/Style$45
Medium Hair Blowdry/Style$50
Long Hair Blowdry/Style$55
Extra Long Hair Blowdry/Style$60
Quick Blast Off Dry $15
All Over Clipper Cut$23
Mens Style Cut$43
Highschool Students
Highschool Girls Cut/Style$60
Highschool Boys Cut/Style$40

Colour Tint/Semi
Tint Regrowth$90
Half Head Tint Regrowth$55
Partline Head Tint Regrowth$35
Scalp Bleach Regrowth$120
Short Hair Colour$120
Medium Hair Colour$135
Long Hair Colour$150
Extra Long Hair Colour$160
Extra Colourfrom $10

Toning with another Colour Service
Short Hair$33
Medium Hair$43
Long Hair$53
Extra Long Hair$58
Short Hair$48
Medium Hair$58
Long Hair$68
Extra Long Hair$73

NovaPlex Bond Restructure Treatment$50
Equilibrium Express$30
Instant Restructurant Repair$15

Event Styling
Hair Upstyle$90
Hair Down$55

Cancellation Policy

Plum Studio has a 24hr cancellation policy in place.

We need at least 24hrs notice of a cancellation or reschedule of appointment, so we have time to fill the appointment spot.

If anyone cancels, reschedules or no shows, under the 24hr period, they will be charged 50% of the service booked in before your next appointment is secured.

We have a lot of clients patiently waiting for an appointment, and when we don't have enough notice not only do our clients lose out, so do we as a small business.

We send out a reminder text 48hrs prior to your appointment; please use this time to change any appointments necessary.

Much love, Plum Studio xx